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Air Conditioning Repair in Fredericksburg, VA

Keeping Stafford County Residents Cool in the Heat!

During the hot, humid summers which all residents of Fredericksburg experience every year, the one thing that can keep you going throughout your day is remembering that you get to come home to a cool, refreshing environment. Being out and about all day in the sun may be tiresome, but at least you can look forward to returning to a relaxing haven, kept fresh by a well-working air conditioning unit. However, what happens when you get home only to discover that your AC unit has suddenly stopped working?

While this is an understandably frustrating situation, ALCO HVAC is here to let you know that you do not need to break a sweat, but simply get one of our dedicated team members on the phone. Our reliable technicians can schedule appointments on the same day that your AC breaks down so that you do not have to blister in the sweltering heat any minute longer than necessary.

Contact us now at (540) 358-8803 to get your air conditioner working again with our dedicated AC repair in Fredericksburg, VA.

Emergency Air Conditioning Repairs

Have you recently been noticing that your cooling system is simply not up to par lately? Perhaps it randomly turns off and on without anyone touching a switch, or you notice unpleasant smells emerging from the unit. Alternatively, it might work completely fine one day, and then suddenly only blow warm air the next. You might not even be able to turn it on at all, which is a clear sign that something is terribly wrong.

If you are experiencing a hassle with your AC, do not try to wait and see if it will get “better” in a day or two. The longer you postpone an appointment for repairs, the worse off your unit will be. Trying to wait will never fix your air conditioner, but it will make the issue harder to fix, and potentially require new replacement parts. Instead of delaying, get in touch for quick, effective repairs.

Is Your AC Leaking? 4 Signs You Need AC Repair

In the middle of summer, the last thing that you want is having your AC unit with a leak or any sort of repair. With our expert Fredericksburg AC Repair technicians, we can help keep your AC operating at maximum capacity all throughout summer. Below you'll find we have provided 4 signs that you probably have an AC leak or need AC repair,

  • Stopped Up Drain Line -
    Having a stopped drain line is one of the most common reasons that AC units leak. When dust and pollen get sucked in the the hose via the air filter, this can cause the drain line to clog.
  • Disconnected Drain Line -
    The other reasons that an AC unit can leak is if the drain line is installed improperly or it may loosen over time and disconnect from the unit, which would cause the leaking.
  • AC Blowing Warm Air -
    When your AC unit is blowing warm air it could be anything from a compressor not working properly or something as simple as low refrigerant. Give us a call and we'll help you with your unit!
  • Strange Noises -
    Strange noises coming from the AC unit aren't uncommon. But if you are hearing loud banging our squealing, it may be a damaged belt or something like the AC unit's fan has come loose. Give us a call if you notice any of these odd sounds.

What AC Repairs Do We Provide in Fredricksburg?

There are many ways that our technicians can get your unit running as normal. We will carefully examine your unit and its current ability (or lack thereof) to cool air. Then, depending on your situation, we can quickly begin repairs or order the necessary replacement parts.

Just some of the services for repairs we provide include:

  • Fixing malfunctioning components within the unit
  • Cleaning clogged filters
  • De-icing your unit
  • Recharging the unit
  • Replacing broken parts

Call ALCO HVAC For Dependable Air Conditioner Repairs!

  • Jobs Done Right: When you hire an AC repair company, you want a Fredericksburg AC repair team that you know you can trust to get the job done right the first time. Fortunately, ALCO HVAC has you covered.
  • Experience You Can Trust: While some contractors may boast that they have a couple of decades under their belt, we take pride in the fact that we’ve been involved in repairing air conditioning units since 1935.
  • Licensed & Insured: You can feel the complete assurance that our licensed, certified technicians have the extensive knowledge and experience it takes to immediately pinpoint the issues with your AC, thanks to their years of experience.

Call us today at (540) 358-8803 or contact us online to get true relief from our AC repair experts in Fredericksburg.

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  • What a great company!

    “What a great company. I had work done on a mini/split, I am very pleased with the repair. They are very professional knowledgeable technicians and reasonably priced. I would recommend them to anyone ...”

    - Michael K.
  • ALCO is our HVAC company for life

    “Austin was at my house within an hour, working in the dark and quickly figured out the problem. He had us up and running within two hours. With great customer service, affordable pricing, and expert knowledge, ALCO is our HVAC company for life.”

    - Rachel D.
  • Some of the nicest guys you are going to meet

    “Not only did they fit us in their busy schedule the same day, but they went above and beyond to find the required parts to fix my AC. It is also notable that their prices are very reasonable.”

    - Ryan D.
  • Very trustworthy and his pricing is very fair

    “His quote was significantly less than the other companies we had spoken to and he had the whole job done in less than 3 days time. He is very personable and he really knows his stuff!”

    - Amber C.
  • So grateful for the services provided by ALCO

    “Austin worked in the rain, sleet and snow until the job was done and the heat was up and running. I truly cannot say thank you enough from my family. Customers for life!”

    - Amy A.

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  • We Do Things The RIGHT Way

    We're a team of perfectionists! Each of our technicians has been trained by the owner. We hold ourselves to a higher standard and make sure the job is done right.

  • It Runs In The Family

    We value family and tradition. Our owner has decades of experience working in the HVAC industry with family experience going back to 1935!

  • Free Second Opinions

    Not sure about the other guys? No problem! We offer free second opinions so that you can feel confident in the decisions you make for your home and family.

  • Financing Options Available

    We understand that HVAC service and repairs aren't always something you can plan for. We offer financing plans to make sure you're well taken care of.

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